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We're on a mission to help brands
convert strangers into raving fans

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How would your business change if you could convert clients with your content? 

No need to bore them with your cold calls. Or apply lousy persuasion tactics you’ve read on Buzzfeed.

Imagine having your content speak for your business and promoting your offer on auto-pilot. How AWESOME would that be for your growth?

We are on a mission to help your brand convert strangers into raving fans. How? 

1. Sharing all we know about growing consistently and strategically on LinkedIn and how to master content creation to achieve your business goals 

2. Working at your side to build an audience, owning it and growing your business as a result

We will put your company’s shirt on if you send us one. 
We’ll be your #1 fan 🤝 “That’s cool… but who are you anyway?”

Let us introduce ourselves!

Hi! I’m Filipa Canelas!

And content is my jam!

I’ve been starting businesses, failing in the process, and publishing a LOT of content.

And that was the only way I could reach Fortune 500 companies, write and market a productivity book and teach 40,000 students online… Just through the power of content marketing.

I co-founded 
Able-Academy, a resource hub for content marketing and founder-led growth initiatives (if you are interested to check… 👀)

And we work with B2B tech companies to help them leverage content to achieve their business goals.

Most of my free time is spent reading non-fiction books, traveling to the cheapest Ryanair’s locations, and eating Nutella waffles (don’t tell my nutritionist).

Does this make me an introvert? 

Hi! I’m Eduardo Vila-Chã!

And engineering is my jam! (doesn’t sound so good, ahah)

I have a master’s degree in electrical engineering with a specialization in robotics and microelectronics.

Right now, I’m focused on data science and machine learning in order to create and optimize content pieces, expand the knowledge hidden in your data, create useful data visualization, and assist in more technical and product-based content.

I’ll also create some useful web tools that you can check out very soon…

Let’s talk!

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