5 Secrets to Writing an Engaging LinkedIn Post with Examples

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What you share on LinkedIn is the foundation for engaging with potential clients, reaching new audiences, and generating sales.

Your goal is to capture people’s attention, whether that’s your ideal customer, an employer, or simply your current audience.

However, it’s getting harder to get people’s attention. Everyone is sharing content online and trying to get their piece of the pie.

Whether you are writing about a new product or service or want to share an idea for a project, the way you structure your post can make or break how people engage with your post.

So how can you stand out from the crowd?

By writing engaging, interesting, and attention-grabbing posts.

These 5 strategies will help you write LinkedIn posts that will get you likes, comments, and leads.

Have a Strong Opening that Hooks the Reader.

You have a single goal with a LinkedIn post, or really any other social media post or email. And that single goal is getting the person to read the following sentence.

If you can get the reader to move from one sentence to another, they will more likely engage with your post.

So, the most critical section of your LinkedIn posts is the first 6 lines. Why the first 6 lines? Because those are precisely the ones showing to the reader before they have to click on “see more.”


The first sentences should be as strong as possible because that’s what hooks people to your post.

Here’s an example of a strong opening:


People are scrolling through LinkedIn when you pop up – do you think your copy is intriguing? Does it make them stop for just one second longer than all the other posts in their feed?

Write For People… not for robots.

People are busy. They have a million things going on in their lives, and they don’t want to read a post that’s not engaging, informative, and valuable.

And guess what won’t help you? Writing like a robot.

People connect with other people – not copy or logos on a page.

Make sure you use the pronoun “you” and talk directly to the reader!

Write for people — tell stories, be personal and be human.

Add Value to your Audience.

You have hooked the reader with the first 3 sentences. You’re talking directly to them — from a human to another human.

Now, it’s time to add value. Think about what your audience finds valuable and add it to the copy.

Make it relevant and helpful to them (and not you).

This is what makes your copy engaging – not another dry post with a bunch of buzzwords or industry jargon.

Here’s an example in which I’m showing step-by-step how to repurpose content smartly:


And adding value can be as simple as sharing some great tips, best practices for your niche, new tools, an inspiring story, or even some industry news that could be useful to your audience.


Don’t Be Boring!

Many people think that LinkedIn is this corporate social media platform in which you must be super professional and cautious.

But for me, that’s the formula for being boring.

So, the fourth strategy for engaging in LinkedIn posts is this:

Don’t be boring.

Write your copy in an engaging way, so it’s not boring to read.

  • Use words like you, me, I.
  • Tell stories about other people who have had success because of your product or service.
  • Use humor
  • Share exciting facts.
  • Anything that will make the copy of your post more engaging.

Write a Compelling CTA.

You’ve reached the end of the post. And a great way to finish up is using a compelling call to action (CTA).

This can either be asking for a comment, requesting to subscribe, following, or buying from you.

You’ve introduced a subject, and you’ve offered value. Now it’s your turn to ask people for something.

Asking for a comment is a great way to build engagement and get more people to see your post. But don’t ask a difficult question. Make it simple for people to interact.


I also often ask people to subscribe to my newsletter by offering a compelling reason to do so.


Writing an Engaging LinkedIn Post is Worth It.

Now you have an engaging LinkedIn post. You hooked people with the first 3 sentences. You talked directly to them. You offered value without being boring, and you ended with a compelling call to action.

You just need to repeat this formula every time and see the results for yourself.

By writing engaging LinkedIn posts, more people will follow, interact and do business with you.

Don’t underestimate the importance of LinkedIn!

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