How to Get More Leads using LinkedIn (Without Paid Ads)

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LinkedIn continues to be the social platform that is most used by B2B decision-makers. It is the most trusted platform in the US. And, it is 277% more effective at generating leads than Facebook and Twitter (Hubspot).

This data should be enough to prove how LinkedIn is a great social platform to be used in a business setting, whether your job title is business owner or B2B marketer.  

So, how can you take advantage of this platform to generate leads?


Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is all about attracting customers rather than trying to push them towards buying something. This means focusing on building trust with potential customers before they even know who you are or what you do. You’ll also want to make sure you have an offer that is relevant to their needs.


1) Use the Featured Section to Promote Yourself on the Platform

The featured section is what distinguishes LinkedIn from most social media platforms. LinkedIn is the only social media platform that explicitly allows you to link to multiple external pages.

This section can include links to your portfolio, website, a contact page, or a lead magnet. It is a straightforward way to generate qualified leads within your profile and build your personal brand.

A helpful analogy is thinking of your featured section as a bookstore. The best-selling books are on the main shelves because they want you to see them, grab them, and eventually buy the books.

The featured section on Linkedin is your opportunity to showcase your best-sellers and amplify your marketing efforts by finding potential leads.



I use my featured section to promote freebies, my newsletter, and the services I provide.

LinkedIn Featured Section


2) Create Relevant Posts Consistently!

“On average, it takes 5 to 7 impressions for people to remember your brand” (Pam Moore).

This is known as the marketing rule of 7 and was invented by the movie industry in the ’30s when studios found that a certain amount of advertising was required for people to be convinced about watching a movie.

the marketing rule of 7

This can feel overwhelming, right? How are you going to show up seven times before converting? Does this rule even make sense in today’s digital work? Do you need to spend thousands on your business ads?

Well, there’s no perfect answer. But there is proof that showing up to your users with content marketing, works.


LinkedIn Post


With your content, you create multiple touchpoints with your potential customers in an automated way. You appear in their feeds, emails, and notifications just by creating content and distributing it across the web. Or, in this case, through LinkedIn marketing.

If you publish content five days per week on your LinkedIn profile, you’re initiating five impressions on a potential client. You’re making yourself and your brand remembered. You’re making an impression. You are establishing authority, and you’re closing more deals.

On and on, you’re decreasing the friction of a first-time contact, which might eventually lead to email contact and prospects.

So, make sure you’re creating content for LinkedIn and increasing your chances of being found on search by qualified leads.


3) Use your Headline to spike curiosity about your Business

This is the easiest, fastest way to get more profile visits and leads using LinkedIn. It’s all about optimizing your LinkedIn headline to captivate people’s attention and get them in your network.

Let’s say your company helps busy entrepreneurs find a virtual assistant to help them manage their tasks.

Which of these headlines is your target customer more interested in clicking?

Option A)
Filipa Canelas | I help busy entrepreneurs free up their time by connecting them with a VA

Option B)
Filipa Canelas | Founder at BusyVA

Yeah… you know the answer. Make sure you create a headline that tells people who you help and how you help them.

You can use this formula:

I help [target audience] do [what you help them with] through/by [your means of taking them from point A to point B].

In the case of the example, I help [busy entrepreneurs] [free up their time] by [connecting them with a VA].

Here’s my LinkedIn headline, built to spike the curiosity of prospects:


LinkedIn Headline


4) Use your About Section to Build Trust with your Network

Instead of sharing your remarkable career in the about section, use it to showcase what you have to offer to the prospect or company and invite them to connect with you.

Show your expertise, your credentials, testimonials, and how you help your prospects go from point A to B. You will stand out from your “competition,” and most importantly, you’ll get targeted leads and appear on search results.

Here’s my LinkedIn about section:

LinkedIn About Section


5) Join Relevant LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn groups are an ideal place to start building relationships and connections. They’re also ideal for sharing information, asking questions, and learning things.

There are thousands of different groups available on LinkedIn, so the best marketing tip is to join the ones in which your target audience hangs out. 

You can also share your existing posts with these groups and take advantage of their networks.

LinkedIn Groups


Outbound Marketing on LinkedIn

Outbound marketing is when you reach out to someone outside of your current sphere of influence. It’s not as scary as it sounds. In fact, it can be highly effective if done correctly.


6) Send Connection Requests and Messages to your Target Users

The previous four strategies were focused on getting leads coming to you. But another available option is being the one establishing the first point of contact by sending connection requests.

In this case, you’re approaching someone who you believe to be part of your target audience, and you’re connecting with them in a meaningful way.


How do you connect in a meaningful way? 

By sending a personalized message with each connection invitation. You will immediately stand out amid many messages.

Don’t try to sell anything when you’re connecting. First, create a great first impression and build a relationship. An interesting conversation has a higher ROI than a cold sales pitch.

With these marketing strategies, you’ll be generating quality leads on autopilot using LinkedIn.

Make sure to download my free LinkedIn Checklist and build a profitable brand on LinkedIn.

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