5 LinkedIn Profile Tips for Business Owners with Examples

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Linkedin is a robust social network with unique benefits for business owners.

It’s probably the best network to generate new leads and find customers. 

If you think of LinkedIn as a social network for professionals and not just job seekers, it can be a fantastic way to build your business.

But it can also be intimidating to navigate, especially if you’re unfamiliar with all LinkedIn features and best practices.

In this post, you’ll find 5 tips to improve your LinkedIn presence and generate more leads for your business as a business owner.



1) LinkedIn Profile Targetting

This might seem like a boring question to answer. But without defining proper objectives, you can’t optimize your LinkedIn profile to fit your goals.

By defining your target audience, you ensure that your profile’s content is relevant to them.

Suppose you are a business owner who sells consulting services in nutrition. Your LinkedIn profile should be optimized for those seeking these services and not everyone on the platform.

If it’s not clear what group your target audience is, you should consider your ideal customer persona. This will help you to figure out who they are and their needs.

And if you’re a small business, you need to be on LinkedIn too. And creating content!


2) Craft your LinkedIn Headline or Bio

The headline is the first thing people will see when they get to your profile.

It’s like a sales proposition for your services and should be catchy.

You can use up to 100 characters in this section, so make sure you take advantage of all that space with an excellent summary of who you are and what makes you great.

Here are some examples of solid headlines:



The formula you can use for your headline is this:

  • I help [target audience] achieve [result] with [your expertise].


You can also add numbers that clearly show the benefits you’ve created for past clients.

Having a catchy headline is the difference between getting people to contact you or ignoring you.


3) Use the Featured Section to Promote Your Services.

The Featured Section is one of the most underrated sections for a business profile.

It’s a great place to add testimonials and recommendations from past clients and ACTUALLY link your services, website, or schedule for a discovery call.

This is a great way to get leads from LinkedIn… on auto-pilot.

This section can be used to showcase your specialties and what you do best. Make sure the featured highlights match what is on your profile, so the target audience is precise.

Here’s an example:



Diego is offering services and a course on writing a business book. And both his headline and featured section highlight these.

Linking directly to services and website saves time for potential clients. They don’t have to dig through the web trying to find what they’re looking for.


4) Write your LinkedIn About Section

Your about page is the best place for your sales pitch.

It’s where you can tell potential clients why they need your services and how you’re the best person to help them.

You want to use this space wisely, so don’t stick with a boring bio statement that doesn’t sell anything or push people away from contacting you.

You have plenty of space to write your pitch, so don’t be afraid to use it.


Here are some tips for writing a good about section:

  1. Stick with bullet points or short paragraphs. Keep each point clear and concise.

  2. Avoid long sentences that will lose the attention of your readers.

  3. Be specific about what you offer and why it’s a good fit for your target audience.

  4. Include testimonials from past clients or industry experts who have seen results from working with you.

  5. Use related keywords to help people find your profile when they search on LinkedIn or even Google.


5) Connect with people in your industry.

One of the best ways to get leads and grow your business is through connections on LinkedIn.

You can use this platform to connect with influencers in your space, target potential clients, or even add new team members for a project you’re working on.

Just make sure the connections are relevant to what your business offers. And that you’re not sending automated sale pitches for everyone.


Common Misconceptions About LinkedIn

1) Isn’t LinkedIn just for recruiters and job seekers?


LinkedIn is a professional network that helps you build your business by connecting with other professionals, finding leads and customers through groups or company pages, boosting your online presence in the news feed, publishing articles on LinkedIn Pulse to get more exposure for yourself, and your brand, etc.

The choice of using it as a platform for business development is up to you.

It’s true that the most popular use of LinkedIn, especially for professionals in sales and marketing, has been to find new clients or employees through headhunting campaigns.

But this shouldn’t discourage you from using it as a platform to grow your presence online – whether you’re looking for new clients or not.


2) Isn’t LinkedIn the most boring platform on earth?

Hell no.

If you know how to use it right – the results are huge.

LinkedIn is used by millions of professionals worldwide. Hence, there’s no better place than this online network to connect with potential clients, and influencers in your industry and grow your brand awareness.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different types of content ideas on LinkedIn. And if you want to create engaging Linkedin posts, read this guide.

You Need LinkedIn as a Business Owner

Improving your profile is an investment. And it might take a few trials to get it right.

But it’s totally worth it, and it will pay dividends for a long time.

Once you set your business owner profile as a sales page, you will get messages, leads, and clients on auto-pilot.

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